Prevention Thoughts: LAC 115, SAS 92

Clippers at Spurs (December 16)

Your recap is above, and the Preventions will follow…

But first, I have an announcement to make. I just received word from an acquaintance of mine that he will be switching web servers from good ol’ Dreamhost to some name he has yet to tell me. This is significant because he lent me web space to host my Clipper Preventions Spreadsheet which I have been working on diligently, despite the absence of my insightful writing (WordPress supposedly does not allow users like myself to upload Excel spreadsheets to their storage unless I purchase an upgrade package). Due to the switching of web servers, this will be the last Prevention Thoughts posted here on this account.

The deactivation of my web space will not affect my Prevention logs and the accompanying spreadsheet. I will continue to monitor the Clipper defense like I always have, and update the said logs and master spreadsheet on daily basis. Once the web hosting situation with my associate has been resolved, I will announce the new location for that, in addition to my website. For now, you can follow my Twitter account Wammy Giveaway for updates regarding the switch, and when my website is officially ready.

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