Preventions: LAC 106, UTA 74

DeAndre’s Preventions have increased…


Chris Paul – 3 POS per forced out-of-bounds, 2 POS per steal, 1 POS by save, 1 POS by jumpball, 1 POS by defensive rebound, 1 DELAY by deflection, 1 DELAY by jumpball, 6 ORB per defensive – His steals were miniscule, but his possessions were dominant. One possession prevented by saving the ball from out of bounds; otherwise, the Jazz would have regained possession. See how this works?

Willie Green – 4 ORB per defensive, 1 POS by offensive foul, 1 DELAY by jumpball, 1 POS by jumpball, 1 POS by steal – Paul’s best man kept things in check, despite all his official stats being in the single digits.

Jared Dudley – 1 DELAY by jumpball, 2 PTS by contest – Except for a jumpball that converted to a Willie Green possession, nothing much else to see.

Blake Griffin – 4 PTS per 2 contests, 4 ORB per defensive, 4 STL per screen, 1 OFF by screen, 1 POS by forced out-of-bounds (H) – Griffin had to be taken out of the game for a while after he sprained his right ankle following a spinning hook shot. But compared to the first preseason game, Griffin had an improved defensive showing, using pressure as a contesting method to prevent 2 Jazz baskets, helping Chris Paul on that forced out-of-bounds plays, and setting better picks for CP3 to work his magic. For once, he actually set a screen that prevented an offensive foul.

DeAndre Jordan – 12 PTS per 6 blocks, 10 PTS per 5 contest, 2 PTS by forced traveling, 2 STL per screen, 5 ORB per defensive, 1 POS by offensive rebound – DJ’s head is stepping out of the way and allowing his instincts run the show. 24 points prevented in total by contesting and blocking, not to mention forcing a Jazz scorer to commit a traveling violation. If he can continue this dominant showing, the Clippers will have no need to trade DeAndre.


Antawn Jamison – 4 PTS per 2 contest, 1 POS by forced turnover (H), 1 ORB by defensive – Am I reading this correctly, the defensively cursed Jamison prevented 4 PTS by contesting two shots? I’ll give you a rain check.

Jamal Crawford – 2 ORB per defensive – Without his ability to crossover and execute his 4-point play special ability, his role is reduced to that of a rebounding man. Hopefully, by the time Doc implements his Manwich Zone system, we’ll get to see the Crossover Lobster dance once again. I hope.

Byron Mullens – 2 PTS by contest, 4 ORB per defensive, 1 AST by steal, 3 STL per screen, 1 OFF by screen – After that unimpressive showing at Portland, Mullens did better in Salt Lake City. Improved open looks and a better commitment to defense gave him a better stat line. Every screen he set for Collison (or Wayns), the ball found his way back to him for a 3 PTS conversion – three of them! One of his screens even prevented an offensive foul.

Darren Collison – 2 PTS by contest, 4 ORB per defensive, 2 POS per steal, 1 STL by hockey assist, 1 POS by forced out-of-bounds, 1 DELAY by deflection – A hockey assist is when the player passes the ball to his teammate, but the teammate opts to pass up a shot to another. In NBA official stats, only the previous teammate gets credit for the assist. In my book, I console them with a steal prevention.

Lou Amundson – 2 PTS by contest, 1 POS by offensive rebound – Unless there’s a need to prevent baskets in tight game situations, Lou won’t be of much use.

Brandon Davies – 5 PTS per 2 contest, 2 ORB per defensive – Davies’s three straight triples may be what gets him a roster spot. In garbage minutes, he was able to contest a regular field goal and a 3-pointer. Contesting 3-pointers is a must for the Clippers since last season, they were 26th in defending that category. Davies may ultimately be the man Doc relies on to help the Clippers defeat the Golden State Warriors.

Maalik Wayns – 2 PTS by forced turnover (H), 1 ORB per defensive, 1 STL by hockey assist – Wayns helped out Ryan Hollins in preventing 2 PTS for the Jazz.

Ryan Hollins – 2 PTS by forced turnover, 2 ORB per defensive, 1 POS by offensive rebound, 1 AST by steal – Like Amundson, Hollins will only get the call when the Clippers need some sort of energy.

Final Tally: 47 points prevented, 17 possessions lost

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